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How Can I Get A Better Email Open Rate on My Eblasts

If you are having issues with your e-blasts landing in spam filters, keep reading. Learn how to get a better open rate on your eblasts. What the spam filter does First you need to understand what throws an emails into a spam filter. Whenever an email is received by a server it scans it. It…

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Creating “plain text” for your eblasts

Question I’m setting up my eblast to go out, and I see there is an area for a “plain text” version. What does this mean and how do I create it? Answer The “plain text” version is just that: plain text. No links. No bold, italic, etc. A drag, right? Plain text is your fall-back…

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29 Ways to Get Your Eblast or Newsletter Junked

When your monthly eblast or newsletter goes out to your clients, it’s more than likely going to hit a spam filter on its way there. The filters could be on their company server, their internet provider, or attached to their specific email client… possibly all three. Spam is a huge problem everywhere. Lots of time…

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The Don’ts and REALLY Don’ts of Mailing Lists and Email Marketing

Building an email list takes time and care. You collect emails from clients, your own web site, sales reps, contests, and interested emailers. You send your offerings, deleting bounce backs and abandoned addresses, removing the opt-outs, watching the inbox placements and the click through rates, pruning here and adding there, tailoring and growing a list…

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How to send an Eblast

Create a New eblast Campaign If you already have an account with me and want a quick tutorial on how to send an eblast, this is the post for you. If you do not have an eblast account, but are curious how it works and how easy it is, this is a great video to…

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