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Archive for June 2010

My iPad: A Personal Report

I wanted an iPad. I don’t think I could honestly say I needed one. I made up my mind to get one the same day my neighbor did. We decided it would be fun to get up before dawn and camp out at the Apple Store on the release day. (Yes. I’m one of those…

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How to make ringtones for your iPhone with iTunes

Sometimes the built in ringtones just won’t do it for you and your iPhone. Maybe you’d like to make a recording of your friend saying “It’s Susan! Pick up!” and assign it to Susan. Or you want a bit of your favorite song that you can’t find an existing ringtone. Whatever your reason, making a…

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What does your rock jar look like?

In First Things First, Stephen Covey tells a story that one of his associates heard at a seminar. The seminar presenter pulled out a wide-mouth gallon jar and placed it next to a pile of fist-sized rocks. After filling the jar to the top with rocks, he asked, “Is the jar full?” The group replied,…

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Can I use a PC external hard drive with a Mac?

Question Also, I have an external hard drive that we use for our PC. It has photos, music, etc. Our PC is about to bite the dust, and we are probably getting a Mac. I know that I can use the external hard drive with a Mac, but do you have any idea if I…

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