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Archive for August 2011

Password Protect Your Macintosh

Question How do I password protect my computer when I first turn it on? I have it password protected when it’s been on and goes into hibernation. I want to have to put in a password when the computer is first turned on. Thought it was but discovered it wasn’t. Don’t want any eyes in…

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Change your Menu Icons on your Macintosh

I use plenty of those cute little icons at the top of my monitor screen. But, sometimes I want to change one of them. This tutorial will teach you how to change your Menubar icons. In this example, I will change the Time Machine icon: Navigate your computer to : /system/library/coreservices/menu extras You should probably…

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How to Flush Your DNS/Cache

This is a quick tutorial primarily for web designers. Normally your DNS clients will automatically cache (store) IP addresses and other DNS results. This makes it quicker to retrieve information from the same host. However, sometimes your cache gets stuck while developing. For instance – you know you updated some information on your site and it…

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Bad reputation on-line? What can I do?

Question We have people saying some bad things about our company online? What can we do about it? Answer Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation” might have worked well for her, but chances are it isn’t what you want for your business. With the advent of technology and mass use of social media including Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin,…

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How to Create an Alias on your Macintosh

Question Can you tell me how to create a short cut to a folder? Answer “Short Cuts” are called an “Alias” on a Mac. You can make one by using any of the techniques below: Select the original folder and hold down Command + Option and drag it to a new location. Then you can…

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