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Archive for November 2010

Part 1: Electronic Newsletters — How they work

They go by many names… electronic newsletters, eblasts, email mailers, ezines and e-newsletters. You probably already get your share of them in your inbox. Some of them you enjoy, some of them you never signed up for and wonder how they got your name. Whatever name you want to call them, the process is pretty…

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Ask Lena: InDesign 5 Questions

Question I guess Adobe made some changes to Indesign 5 from 4. Do you know how to set a .pdf to open automatically (to view it) after it was created using the Indesign “Export” command? Answer There is a checkbox you’ll need to select for this when exporting your PDF. After you set it, it becomes…

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Ask Lena: My mailbox is getting full

Question My Outlook Express seems to work okay, but my mailbox is getting full on the server and I can’t get my mail. I heard there was a way to fix this. Do you know how? Answer Pretty much all servers have a limit on their mailbox. If they didn’t, it would get  filled up…

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Ask Lena: Mambo's Meta tags

Question Hey Lena, this has been bugging me for a long time and in the age of Facebook, etc. I really need to resolve it. How can I make it so the Mambo information and the Mambo logo do not appear in our meta-whatevers? If I try to link to the site in Facebook, the…

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Ask Lena: What happened to InBooklet for InDesign

Question I used to have an InDesign plugin called InBooklet. It was great for putting documents in spreads for the press. Now I can’t find it. What happened to it? Answer InBooklet was a plugin created by a company called ALAP (A Lowly Apprentice Production). They did a fantastic job. They did such a good…

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