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Archive for June 2012

Web Design Tips for Print Designers

Many print designers are being asked to create for the web, whether they have experience in this area or not. One of the biggest challenges I see for print designers is considering the fluid nature of web design. In print design, you can control every aspect, such as the size, fonts, leading, images, borders, etc.…

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What is bleed? My printer asked for it.

Question What is bleed? My printer asked for it when I gave them my brochure file. Answer When you send your brochure to the printer, they print it on much larger pieces of paper than the finished size of your brochure. They do this for a variety of reasons: Printing several brochures at the same…

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Does your Magic Trackpad have a mind of it’s own?

My Apple Trackpad is going crazy. My Apple Trackpad is possessed. My Apple Trackpad is pissing me off. My Apple Trackpad is clicking on things by itself. My Apple Trackpad is skipping around without me touching it. My Apple Trackpad has phantom clicks. If you have found yourself saying one of the things above you…

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Trackpad Battery Life Getting You Down?

I love my apple Trackpad. It’s awesome. Natural movement. Good for my wrists. I love it. However, I do not love the battery life. I feel like I’m changing the batteries out way too often. I did some research and found out a couple of things. Rechargeable batteries don’t seem to last as long. The…

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