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Archive for September 2011

Google Plus: FAQs

1. What is Google Plus? Google+ (Google Plus) is a social networking and identity service run by Google Inc. (An identity service determines who you really are even if you later provide a different user name, in order that people who actually know you can get in touch with you.) 2. Why do I care?…

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How do I removed iTunes apps from the "update" list?

Question Over the last few years I’ve purchases A LOT of apps for my iPhone, iPad, and iPods. As time moves on I find that I have lots of applications that I don’t want any more, yet I still continue to get notified when there are updates for them through iTunes. How can I delete…

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Facebook vs. Google

The Facebook Juggernaut Most of us (somewhat over 500 million of us, to be inexact) are on Facebook these days, and for many, that in itself is the reason we are. Even if you had never considered the phrase, “social networking” before, other folks you knew and wished to maintain contact with were already there,…

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Is there an undo on my iPad or iPhone?

Question Is there something on my iPad keyboard that works as an “undo” like Control-Z? Answer Yes. But it isn’t on your keyboard. Standard iPad and iPhone apps (like Mail and Notes) has a way to undo your last action (like typing or deleting a chunk of text. How do you achieve this wonder? It’s…

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