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Archive for June 2011

Ideas to Make Your Website Work Harder for You

“What can I do to make my Web site better?” I get this question a lot. In many cases, the short answer is “plenty”. Here is a checklist of items I use to help clients determine what items would be helpful to them to improve their website. (We’ll call the following, “the long answer”.) Content…

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The Don’ts and REALLY Don’ts of Mailing Lists and Email Marketing

Building an email list takes time and care. You collect emails from clients, your own web site, sales reps, contests, and interested emailers. You send your offerings, deleting bounce backs and abandoned addresses, removing the opt-outs, watching the inbox placements and the click through rates, pruning here and adding there, tailoring and growing a list…

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Merge iCal Calendars

Question Over the years and with syncing my iCal calendars I have too many different calendars. I would like to simplify them. For instance, right now I have: Work Home Home Chores Meetings How would I merge Work and Meetings and Home and Home Chores? So I have only these: Work Home I know I…

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Create multiple Vcards from Address Book at Once

Question Is there a way to create multiple and separate vCards from my Address Book on my Mac? I know I can grab a group or “All Contacts” onto the desktop and it will make a single vCard with all of the contacts inside of it. But, what if I wanted to make a separate…

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