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Archive for October 2012

Is this picture big enough for my brochure?

I get this question a lot from clients when working on a printed piece. Resolution for printed pieces is totally different than for websites. Website (or screen) resolution is only 72dpi. This means your images look like they do on your monitor. But, when you use them for high quality printing, the resolution must be…

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How can I tell is someone's website is a CMS?

Question How can I tell if a site has a CMS (Content Managed Site) installed? I have a client that has a site and wants me to add a page to it. I have the login info, but I can’t tell if they use a CMS for changes. It doesn’t look like it is, but…

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Free Photoshop Alternative? Yep. It's called SumoPaint.

Sometimes people need a photo editing program with the major features of Photoshop, but for a small project that doesn’t really justify the expense. You could pay someone else who already has the software and equipment, but two or more of those, and you’ve spent just as much as you would have on buying your…

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