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Was your site mobile friendly by April 2015?

Google is doing what? Google is updating their ranking system effective April 21, 2015. If any website is not easy to view on a mobile device Google will drop that site in their search ranks. I’m scared! What does this mean? First, if you are paying attention, you might hear a lot of scary words like…

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How Do I Make My Website More Popular?

How do I make my website really popular? I get this question a lot. There’s not a easy answer. Or at least not a quick answer. There’s lots and lots of ways to help your website gain visibility on the Internet. Some of those things will cost you money, some those things will cost you…

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Bad reputation on-line? What can I do?

Question We have people saying some bad things about our company online? What can we do about it? Answer Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation” might have worked well for her, but chances are it isn’t what you want for your business. With the advent of technology and mass use of social media including Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin,…

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Ideas to Make Your Website Work Harder for You

“What can I do to make my Web site better?” I get this question a lot. In many cases, the short answer is “plenty”. Here is a checklist of items I use to help clients determine what items would be helpful to them to improve their website. (We’ll call the following, “the long answer”.) Content…

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