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Entrapornography – Are you an addict?

ODing on GTD? Too many productivity blogs? Constantly reading Paul Graham essays and Seth Godin books? You might be an entrepornography addict. Take this test to find out if you’ve gone too far with productivity porn.

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John Cleese: A Lecture on Creativity

I found this wonderful 1991 formal lecture by John Cleese speaking about being creative. I think this would be interesting for anyone no matter what your vocation. Additionally, it’s very entertaining as you might expect.

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Fun cases and stands for your iPad or iPhone

Here is a quick roundup of some amusing stands and cases I found for iPhone and iPad recently Clever Stand: Comprising of a contoured plastic disk with criss-cross slots, the Sniper Stand simple fixes to the back of your mobile media device. You then simply insert a credit card to complete the stand and create a…

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Font Humor

If you enjoy or work with different fonts, you will probably find these very funny. Font Fight Font Conference

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Your Business Card is Crap!

I hesitated posting this video because I didn’t want people thinking I was trying to sell them an expensive business card design. But, this guy really made me laugh. The only thing funnier were some of the video comments. I posted a couple of them below the video. Don’t forget to add your own two…

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Funny IT Support Calls

I do enjoy receiving funny tech support calls. I am positive they are real, since I have also received my own share of them. Here are a couple of my experiences first: Once I sent a proof to a woman of a flyer. It was a simple black and white flyer. She called me upset…

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