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Archive for March 2011

Password Protected Areas and Search Engines

Question Can a search engine spider do a search of content which is behind a passworded index page? Answer   No. Search engines cannot crawl a passworded directory as they can’t invoke interface functions. Google (for instance) would have to have your login/pass and the programming to invoke the command.  

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Inserting Images Into Microsoft Word

How do I insert this logo you gave me into Microsoft Word? I get this question a lot. I think people are used to using the built in clip art, but not inserting their own images. The good news is it is super easy. Here is how. Save your image someplace on your computer where…

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How do I make an email an active link in WordPress?

Question Hi Lena, Happy New Year. I hope you are well. A quick question in relation to our Wordpress website. I put some email addresses on the first page when you open the site, and they are not linked.  You can see the old ones are.  In other words, when you click on them, nothing happens.  What to do?…

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