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Archive for February 2012

Multiple Employees Working on a Single Excel File

Question What is the best way to allow multiple employees to access and alter a single Excel workbook? We have tried Dropbox in the past, but have had problems. Answer I would use Google Docs. You can work on shared Word documents and Excel documents online and it’s free! You start by uploading or creating…

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Where can I find an online design course?

Question I have a quick question that I hope you can answer, or at least provide me some direction.  I would like to take an online course that could teach me some design basics.  Not necessarily software, but just tips like how to balance elements on a page, what size fonts to use in relation…

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Paper Lesson

Over the weekend I was cleaning out my office and found this great little cheat sheet I created years ago for understanding paper types as explained by one of my printing mentors, Jon Anderson. Paper weight The weight of a paper is determined by how much a ream (500 sheets) weighs in the basis size.…

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Excel: How to easily join text columns with a formula!

Say someone sends you an Excel document and you while they gave you lots of columns of information, you really need some of those columns joined. Let’s say you also don’t want to merge them permanently. You can do it with an easy formula! This is also called “concatenation” and can be found in the…

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