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Fix the feed on your Neat Scanner

Fix the feed on your Neat Scanner

This morning, I am Office MacGyver.

I love my Neat Scanner. The only thing about my Neat that has bugged me is that checks don’t always feed in straight and don’t scan well. They sometimes need a second pass through the scanner if you didn’t get them in very straight. This morning I got a brainstorm. Two beads and some elastic! Bingo. And I’m doing the happy dance!

So, if you suffer from the same issue, give it a try. I’m sure something could also be done with rubber bands. I might go crazy and try to find some beads with more grip. Washers might work too.


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Do you need domain privacy?

Do you need domain privacy?

What is domain privacy? Domain Privacy is a service offered by domain name registrars. When you purchase the privacy (along with the domain for a few extra bucks) the WHOIS (your information) is replaced with the info of a forwarding service. How safe is my information if I choose to make it private? Personal information… Continue Reading

A better way to have browser specific CSS

If you are developing websites you know that not everything works across all browsers. You also know you have to make special allowances for some browsers (*cough* IE *cough*). Before you may have had special external style sheets that directed those special CSS rules for specific browsers. Something like this: <!– [if IE 7]>  <link… Continue Reading

My favorite Dashboard widgets this week

I love finding new ways to be more efficient. This week I found two great little Dashboard widgets that will help me with clients and tech phone calls. TimeScroller I am often setting phone call meetings to other parts of the country and sometimes the world. I find myself trying to calculate the time in… Continue Reading