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How to Create an Outlined Drawing in Photoshop



  • Image –> Adjustments –> Desaturate.
  • Filter –> Stylize –> Fine Edges
  • Image –> Adjustments –> Brightness/Contrast (Adjust the brightness and contrast to your liking)
  • Then go to Filter –> Sharpen –> Sharpen More.
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Adobe Illustrator pressure sensitive brushes don't work with my Wacom Tablet anymore!

Question I recently had to update my drivers for my old Wacom tablet due to a system upgrade. I was very disappointed to find out that my pressure sensitive brushes don’t work any more in Adobe Illustrator CS5. I can draw with them, but they aren’t pressure sensitive. Is there any way to fix this? Answer I… Continue Reading

Faster Loading PDFs with InDesign

Faster Loading PDFs with InDesign

Question Is there a special way to save PDFs from Indesign so they load faster on the internet. My client has their pdf brochures online and it takes forever to load. Answer Yes there is! When you export your PDF from InDesign, make sure you choose the Adobe PDF Preset “Smallest File Size” and check the box… Continue Reading